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Welcome and Thank You for Visiting the Texas Baseball Ranch Site.
Please click on the above video for a welcome message from Ron & Jill Wolforth.  They've got a special thank you gift for visiting the website.


" The Perfect Storm:

Why 95% of Pitchers Fail and How You Can Avoid Being One of Them"
With arm injuries at an all time high (pitchers as young as 12 years old having Tommy John surgery), and coaches not staying current on training concepts and methods, it is critical that you know, understand, and fight the various forces at work to sink you or your athlete's career.  Get your copy of Coach Wolforth's Special Report today!

Here at Ron Wolforth's Texas Baseball Ranch, we work

with SPECIAL athletes.  What does SPECIAL mean?  Well

to us, SPECIAL is a unique combination of things.

to us is someone who has a burning desire to play baseball

AND is exceptionally eager to find out how to improve his skills.

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ABILITY - You have solid overall athletic ability

APTITUDE - You have a natural love of baseball

ATTITUDE - You are eager to learn, listen, experiment and try new things

WORK ETHIC / DEDICATION - You habitually do your homework

COMMITMENT - You are persistent and typically resilient to temporary failures, challanges and set backs

GOALS - Your have a burning desire to play past your current level of play

PARENTS WHO ARE SUPPORTIVE BUT NOT INTRUSIVE - Your parents are helpful but not attempting to live their life again through their child or save their child from 'failure' by manipulation, coercion or influence.  Your parents view you as a capable, responsible, honorable young person who is ultimately accountable for your own success or failures.

Training DVDS

We've got programs for beginners "Teaching Advance T-Ball" to
advanced training such as
"The Athletic Hitter" and  "The NEW Athletic Pitcher"
There are also specific training DVDs such as
"Troubleshooting & Enhancing the Curveball",
"Chain Training for Pitchers" or
"Blending- Getting Your Drill Work to Carry Over to the Mound"
Our newest DVDs include Athletic Pitcher Building Blocks:
* "Accelerated Arm Recovery"
* "Command"
* "Deceleration"
* "Hip Mobility"
* "Long Toss"
To view these and other training DVDs click below:


If this describes you then you would be a good fit for one of our training programs.  Please take a look at the different programs we have to offer and see which one best meets your needs at the present time.

Ranch Training Programs

Throughout the year we offer a variety of programs from our Pre-Season program, In Season Program, Summer Program and Off Season Training.  Each program is set up to match the demands of the training cycle.  Click on the link below to learn more:
Ranch Programs.

Elite Pitchers Bootcamps

The Premier Pitching Camp in the country.
3 Days focused exclusively on pitching.
More information can be found by clicking this link:

Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp

This is an annual event held in December at the ranch.  This 3 Day event features the most progressive, out of the box minds in baseball.  You can order a copy of the December 2011 event which included Coach Wolforth teaching the new connection drills as well as presentations by Andy McKay, Perry Husband, Brent Strom, Derek Johnson, Andy Arthur and Lee Fiocchi.  For more information, please send an email to

Elite Hitters Bootcamps

These Bootcamps are held 2-3 times per year.  These Bootcamps expand on the training methods of our "Athletic Hitter Program.  We are still in the process of setting the 2012 dates for the hitters' bootcamps.  To get on the mailing list for the dates, times and fees, email

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